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Vendors are small business people within central Ohio who wish to sell their homegrown, handmade or prepared items all year long at The Delaware County Community Market Corporation. These vendors must have the capability of producing their items in sufficient quantity to maintain a well stocked display within the market. One to several vendors will be assigned to a category. The vendor will be responsible for a unique item within that category. Each category has a designated area within the market. Vendors coordinate their items with other vendors assigned to the same area in order to provide a complete spectrum of availability to the customers (Members). The Vendor receives sixty-five percent of the sale price on each item sold. Twenty percent is donated to the designated nonprofit chosen by the purchaser (Member) and fifteen percent goes to DCCMC for operational expense.  Each Vendor is assigned a Vendor Code No. which is placed on all their items. At checkout the sale is registered. At settlement time the vendor receives a printout of all sales since the previous settlement. Settlements are made every 14 days.  Seventy-Five percent of the total is paid to the vendor at that time. At year end the Vendor will receive an IRS Form 1099 showing the total income received throughout the year.


For more information or to sign up, please print the New Vendor Packet from our website.  Fill out and return all the items on the checklist.

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