The Delaware County Community Market

About Us - How DCCMC Works

The Vendors determine the “cost” that they want to receive for their items or services. DCCMC marks these items up 25% to establish the “sell” price. The Customers become “members” by simply registering their name, telephone number & the local nonprofit they wish to donate their profits to. The Nonprofits must fill out a simple application to verify their nonprofit status. DCCMC provides the facility, the collecting and remittance to all Vendors and Nonprofits and donation accounting for all Customers.
DCCMC is designed to help all parts of our community: Increased sales for Vendors; Competitive pricing and donation tracking for Customers; and Additional sources of income for local Nonprofit organizations within our community.

To become a Vendor, Customer or a receiving local Nonprofit organization – please contact DCCMC @ (740) 363-1126 or (740) 815-0830.

The Delaware County
Community Market

222 East William St.
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Delaware, OH 43015

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